“How surprised!” – that’s what we heard most from all the lovely customers. Secretly located in the heart of Hoi An’s old quarter, our restaurant can be found through the alleys No.130 Tran Phu St. or No.56 Le Loi St. Not only serving you contemporary Vietnamese cuisine, our setting will also give you the true experience of a beautiful and peaceful Vietnam.


After being under the sunlight discovering Hoi An, nothing’s better than enjoying an exquisite lunch in our beautiful garden. The mindful menu includes flavorful “Cao lầu” – a must try specialty of Hoi An, delicious crispy Vietnamese seafood crêpe and much more.


In our tranquil evening atmosphere, try a bit of scrumptious Beef shank stewed in coconut milk, get a bite from Medley of fresh and fried spring rolls, yet a sip of Malbec. We hope all these little things could become one of your wonderful memories when talking about Hoi An.

Know about us

Hello everyone,

So glad to see you again. The last three years changed many things including my beloved brainchild, the old Secret Garden. But i am still here, still taking care of it.

Like the rainbow after the rain, everything was back to normal. For my restaurant, It took almost two months to restore the landscape and furnishing, giving it a new outfit, greener and healthier.

That’s a part of reason why i turned my “old Secret Garden” into “AVOCADO resto”, which relates to its new cuisine style: Fusion and Vegan. On the other side, the name also reflects a tradition of my family. I myself as well as my siblings, when each of us was born, a tree would be planted. There are some avocado trees here. The biggest one has the same age of my younger sister. It’s now nearly forty but still very strong and promising for the new harvest.

I hope to have a chance of serving you soon.

And please do not mix up with the mimic place in town. I have no reason to move my old Secret Garden to anywhere. It’s still here, in the alley. I just want to call it now “AVOCADO Resto”.

Uy (the founder)

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The second and also most favorite cooking class is Know-how Program. You have two choices: Cooking delicious “Cơm gà Hội An”(Hoian style chicken rice) or “Phở gà lá chanh” (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup). Despite of the simple look, their amazing and delicate taste requires some focus and skills. Join this class to grab our tips, in order to bring its totally genuine flavor back to your hometown

Cooking class

Homestyle Program

The most interesting thing is to go to the local market for picking the right ingredients yourself. After that is two hours of practicing with our chef. This would be a the must-try experience when visiting Hoian.

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